Never let anybody make you feel small. Your happiness belongs to you. Make today a good one 

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The Wonder Years - There, There [x]

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The Amity Affliction | Pittsburgh.

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A Day to Remember

May 19th, 2013
Jackson, NJ
Skate and Surf Festival 

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Are you thinking of me when you’re putting on your makeup,
darling, and dying your hair like you do 
Well you’re wasting time if you’re trying to impress me 
I waste all my time just thinking of you 

Brand New - Moshi Moshi 

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Anonymous asked:
35? Haw

35. If I were to kill you, chop you up into little pieces, and then put the remains in a shoe, would you prefer it to be your left shoe or your right shoe?

Turns out if you done that unfortunately due to the size of my body unless you grated me and even then, you probably wouldn’t be able to fit me into both never mind one! You’re welcome to burn my body, turn me to ashes and use me as hot chocolate powder to drink if you want, if I taste shit, you can spit me into my right shoe

Anonymous asked:
just wanted to check up on you to see if you're doing alright, are you?

Hey dude! Yeah I’m good, really good actually, the happiest I’ve been in a long time, thanks for asking.

I am very happy right now, and that’s rad, being happy is awesome

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